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 Don’t roll with an Entourage
One maybe two wingman at the most is the absolute number you need when out “trying to get laid”. Anymore than that and the math just doesn’t work. The chances of finding a large group of girls that are all single and looking for some dick decrease the higher the number of girls are in a group become. Also when you roll with a large group of guys that’s more people that have input on the next location to go to or what time to leave the location you’re at now. Another thing working against a large group of guys is worry about what all of them will think on the girl you choose to approach, as no guy wants to approach a less attractive girl than his friends standards (which can be all over the map). This leads to no guy approaching any girls and rather everyone taking a passive approach to game. Now it’s cool if you want to just catch up with all your boys at one time and enjoy a beer and guy time, no problem. At some point pick one or two and peace out to hunt.

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The only one thing I know for a fact that is consistent with game is that it takes patience. You’ve been in it for two or three years and you think you’ve got it all figured out. Wait till years six and seven. Wait till you start making a little bit of money or stepping up your fashion game (although those things alone do not guarantee success with women, when mixed with game crucial). Be patient with yourself and be patient with game. There will come a time when you literally won’t have enough time to go on a date with all the women you meet in one weekend. You’ll have spend less time with your boys because you have dates scheduled. Where you hope the date you’re on doesn’t end with a bang because the next day you have another date with a freakier girl and you need to save up an impressive load. This will happen but it won’t happen overnight.

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This was a great post. I’m 20 years old and just started learning this ish like 10 months ago. Up until a few days ago i was frustrated that i havent gotten with more chicks but then i remembered all of the war pigs that i turned down. There was lupis girl who had a crippled hand, extremely obese black woman,extremely obese white women, a short and pudgy mexican chica and most recently an extremely pale white girl who’s mother is a legal midget. (perhaps i should contact her?) Basically i havent paid my dues yet

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 Ms. California
The following Saturday Ms. California and I texted back and forth early in the evening. She said she was having a girl’s night out. I told her I’d be running the streets in Adam’s Morgan, at 1:45 she texted me that she brought her girls to Adams and wanted to know what’s good with me. I was with Gmac and The Rookie, (Shout out to the Bisnow baby girl that recognized me from this blog and said what’s up). We went to trendy little European spot. Ms California was acting right though. No breaking her neck and checking out other dudes. Dancing and talking with me, introducing my friends to her friends. Grinding and kissing. Everybody dropped off and it was her, I and these two random dudes from Chile who were trying to pull a robbery. They said something to her in Spanish sticking around and giving Spanish guys a try. I didn’t need a Spanish to English phone app to see what was going down. Told them nice meeting you and yoinked Ms. California by the arm away caveman style into a cab.

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